What People Are Saying

What People Say About Young Living Thieves Oil,
The Thieves Household Cleaner, And The 
Mold Protocol Developed by Dr. Ed Close 
By Jacquelyn A Close, Copyright 2012-2013 

Jacqui and Ed Close

For friends who don't know Edward R. Close he's the one I'm always quoting from Mold Rx book and completely different title: Transcendental Physics. Genius with great heart and functional intelligence applied to serve the world. ~~ Rev. Lindsay Babich

“Our house which was built almost 80 years ago had mold in it. And mold causes all kinds of things, including confusion. And it can make you feel like you’ve got the flu. Well, Jacqui Close introduced me to something called Thieves. And Jacqui I am eternally grateful to you for learning about Thieves, because it does destroy mold. Most recently we had an infestation of mold in our basement, and diffusing Thieves oil totally transformed the basement. And now we have that wonderful odor of Thieves oil. Every household needs to diffuse Thieves.”  ~~ C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD

“I would go to my office and be groggy and have a headache, because there was mold present there. Once I got the Young Living Thieves Essential Oil Blend, thanks to Jacqui Close, within 30 minutes of turning on the diffuser, I felt better.” 
~~ Brenda Watson

My family, friends, associates have benefited greatly from the environmental research of Dr. Close. I regularly get very positive feedback from those applying the methods Dr. Close has recommended for combating toxic mold.
Sally Ashford

Dr. Close brings integrity and commitment to his work. We need more professionals like him at this critical juncture in human history.
Christopher Lee May

I highly recommend Dr. Edward Close. I have learned quite a bit by reading his book and visiting his website.
Connie Bynum

Dr. Close has tremendous insight into how to focus the problem, using a methodology that is replaceable, applicable and safe and most of all he does it with grace and ease.
Don Clair

Dr. Close is not only well educated and knowledgeable, but he is a skilled teacher, making complex subjects understandable to the lay person. I have learned a great deal from his books, lectures, and the materials on his website. He is detailed, yet keeps the information interesting.
Joy Linsley

Dr. Close is more than well-educated, he is also open to new ideas and exploring them. His forward thinking have helped him to discover things that have never been known to people in our age. I highly recommend reading his publications and learning from his experience any way available to you.
Dana Christisen

Thieves for Mold in Truck

I would like to tell you of my experience with mold. I drive a semi truck over the road. A few months ago, I noticed that the carpet was always wet in front of my bunk, in the sleeper portion of my truck . I couldn't for the life of me figure out where it was coming from and neither could the shop guys at work.

One day, I stopped on the on-ramp to the interstate to let my dog out and to catch up on my DOT logs. The length of my truck was leaning down hill on the passenger side. When I walked around that side I noticed (couldn't miss it!) that water was gushing out all along the bottom of the cab, it's entire length! I was shocked but couldn't find where it was coming from.

Upon returning to Lincoln, the shop finally discovered that the drain tubes for the AC/heater unit, which have filters in them, where completely blocked and the condensation water was backing up into the cab. An easily fixed thing.

Meanwhile, over the couple of months before this was discovered, a healthy batch of mold had accumulated and was growing, under the carpet in my truck. I could smell it and I was also sure it was contributing to my constant tiredness and not feeling 'quite right.' I started diffusing Thieves and/or Purification 24-7 and within a day my truck no longer smelled funky and I was feeling much better.
Deborah Reynolds

Mold In My Car

Awesome information!!

I'm printing all of your emails with all this great content…and saving them in a folder on my computer…I can tell you that I'm very happy and amazed with the results I'm starting to see in my car.  Its a miracle! I got my car back..... thnx!!  [ !!:-)  Big Grin ] whereas before just the thought of knowing that I had to drive my car to get somewhere would totally depress me and it was painful having to deal with all the discomfort... I used to try and avoid driving my car as much as possible…
Cynthia Giddens

House Hold Mold or Fungus

I have a customer who used the Thieves Cleanser in a shower which had a lot of mold.  She commented on that right after she sprayed there was a very strong smell of dying vegetation.  She did one more application a few days later and it was gone.  She was so excited about it, she became a distributor.  She also diffusses the Thieves oil in her place of business which is in a very old building.  It has helped with the dusty, moldy smell that was in her space.

I use the Thieves cleanser 1 capful in all my loads of wash.
Enell Foerster

Thieves and Frankincense

Just ordered my second batch of oils. My first order was the starter set for $150, Everyday Oils and I have had really positive results. The Thieves and the Frankincense are awesome. I use the Thieves on the mold in the shower. It really does help to keep it clean. The Peace and Calming work great for sleeping and the Lavender also. The Peppermint and the Thieves have helped with my sinuses. I can breathe without being clogged up. I use the Frankincense on my hands. No more soreness or swollen joints. The second order is for weight loss. I will let every one know how that works out in a couple of weeks.
Bradley Gorfido

"Every fall, we get mold growing on the siding of our house, so last October, I cleaned a 4 ft. X 4 ft. area with Thieves® Household Cleaner. I sprayed it on, scrubbed it with a brush, waited five minutes, and sprayed it down with the hose. I showed my husband how clean it was, but he still chose to clean the rest of the side of the house with bleach. This October, I looked at that side of the house. Again, the seasonal mold is all over the siding...except for the 4 ft. X 4 ft. area I cleaned with Thieves last year!"
Deb Bowman

Thieves Cleaner wipes out black mold

Because of the unusual wet fall, winter, and spring we have had and the leaking shower head in our bathroom, we got a lot of black mold in our shower. All of the cocking was totally black. Any cracks in the tile grout were black. The fiberglass bottom of the shower had black growth also.

A friend of mine just bought an older home. She told me how she totally cleaned the moldy shower in the house she just bought. She removed the caulking with black mold on it. She scrubbed the entire shower, then sprayed chlorine bleach all over the shower, She sprayed an extra amount where the old caulking was to make sure the mold was completely gone. She let it dry a day, then re-caulked it with new silicone caulking. She was so excited that her shower looked new again.

When she came to help me do the same with my shower, She said the only thing that will completely get rid of the black mold is chlorine bleach. She knew I didn't want to use anything that would harm my body by breathing it in or leaving a residue in the shower.

We first removed all the caulking with a flat head screwdriver, then we tackled the cleaning job. I made up a strong solution of Theives Cleaner. I used 3 tablespoons of Theives Cleaner per one 32 ounce sprayer bottle of filtered water. We cleaned the entire shower with the cleaner. She was amazed that the cleaner cleaned so well. Were able to get stubborn soap scum off the tiles by spraying it with Theives Cleaner, then scrubbing it with a #220 waterproof sandpaper. In the hard to get crack areas we used a stiff scrub brush and an old toothbrush.

After we totally cleaned the shower and washed it down, we sprayed all the areas to be caulked with Theives Cleaner. We let the shower dry over night, then caulked it with new silicone caulking. The shower looks great!

My friend was absolutely amazed that we did not need to use chlorine bleach. She said, 'that Thieves Cleaner is amazing. It works better than 409, Windex, and chlorine bleach. I am going to get some.'

It is exciting to know I can clean anything with Theives Cleaner and I don't have to jepradize my health because of it. Thank you YOUNG LIVING.
Sherry Huntting

With winter and flu season coming on lets all be fortified with out Thieves products to keep our families healthly this winter. Run your diffusor 10-15 off and on durning the day to kill the air borne bacteria so they don't have the chance to make your home their home.  Remember from the testings from Weber State University, they found Thieves to have a 99.96 percent effective rate against airborne bacteria

My husband had gotton something in his thumb a silver or a thorn and we tried to dig it out but could not find anything because it was very deep. It festered up and got very sore and swollen.  I had him put Thieves on it with a bandaid and in three days the swelling and reddness was gone and not sore any more.  We were hoping that it had pulled the silver out.  But in two weeks it swelled up again and was very red and sore.  Again we did the Thieves application that night.  The next morning he said to try and see if we could find out what was in his thumb.  I hated to start digging with the needle as I knew it had to be very deep and it was going to hurt.  I put helichrysum on his thumb with Idaho Balsam Fir for the pain and started to open it up. Blood oozed out and we wiped it off and then I decided to give it a squeeze because I just did not want to dig deeper.  As I did a great big thorn about 1/4 long popped out of his thumb.  What a relief that was.  Before when I first tried to get the thorn out I had dug down quit a ways and could not find nothing and even squeezed the thumb and we could not get it to come out.  So with the help of the Thieves it brought it closer to the surface in order for us to squeeze it out.  If it hadn't been for the Thieves he would have had to go to a doctor and have them take it out.  Thank goodness for Thieves and all the other products.YL has. Can't be without them.

Nancy Sanderson

I have used 2 or 3 drops of Thieves in my drinking water daily for 6 years now and have not had any outbreak of flu's or colds. I have had beginning symptoms but I immediately take alkalime to alkalize my system, and drink extra thieves in water and if necessary take capsules with Oregano, Mountain. Savory, Lemon and a little Longevity as well.

It works everytime. I have got rid of sore throats, bladder infections and yeast infections taking capsules of oils within 24 hours!  I LOVE OUR OILS!!!!!

Sincerely in appreciation
Julie Chertow

Just wanted to share the experience with everyone about Thieves.  My daughter the skeptic, was having some problems with a tooth. Many years ago had a tooth broken in front and had to have a root canal and crown.  She had been having trouble with the gum swelling and lump all the way up to her nose.  The dentist put her on anti-biotics said the root canal was fine and that these things happen from time to time.  After 3 X with anti-biotics  the last time it got the lump  I said let try thieves on it.   Well it went away so far nothing has
come back  She was AMAZED.      

My Sister bless her heart has been real sick with sinus problems and it leaves her run down.  Her glands are most of the time swollen.  I asked her if she would try something for me and she was a little hesitant because her doctor had put her on more medication for her sinus problem and she was still puffy under one eye with pain and her glands were still swollen when I would rub her neck .   She started rubbing the thieves on her glands and putting the thieves under the puffy place by cheek.She also rubbed it on her gum on that side by cheek and guess what!   She swelling disappeared in about 3 days.   She called me up and said send me a bottle of that stuff.

I love it.     
I also in a massage was using lavender on her for calming and she ordered that also.         
I just love Thieves

A friend of mine, Michelle, just called me with some good news. She told me of a story about her sister's little boy. He had fallen & bumped his tooth. His tooth turned a dark gray color, the color it turns before falling out, like it's dead, no more life in it.

Well, Michelle looked up in her handy Reference Guide book under teeth and it said that Thieves was good for teeth. And in a little side box, it said that Thieves has been known to help regenerate a tooth within 4 months. So she applied Thieves, along with a little Sweet Almond oil to dilute it a bit. Four minutes later, the boy said: "Momma, my tooth feels weird". He wasn't used to the feeling of Thieves in his mouth, but he was fine with it anyways. His mom opened up his mouth and his tooth had turned pink. It was as if the blood was starting to come back into the tooth! And all in a total of 4 minutes. She has since applied Thieves to his tooth everyday for the past month & the tooth is like brand new and completely fine.

Michelle now has all of her family asking her about the oils, along with her sister! Thieves is the oil to carry around and share!
Angie Pijanowski

Just wanted to share this with you. Wed. night my husband and I went into town to pick up our grandson for the night. He is now 20 months old. Anyway, we picked Bobby up, went to dinner and then to the market. (around all those people, with who knows what) Anyway, about 12:00 I woke up with a sore throat. I got up put Thieves on my feet, throat and took a gel cap which I put 6 drops of Thieves in. I woke my husband up and put Thieves on him. Mixed some Thieves with oil and applied it to my grandson's feet and throat while he was sleeping. Put Thieves in the diffusers and we all slept for the rest of the night with our diffusers on. Thursday morning I woke perfectly well and neither my husband or grandson got sick.............

         I had an interesting experience over the last few days. I didn't write about it until I had a scheduled doctor appointment, but this is how it went.

         I was working under my house in the crawl space, when we had our house built 5 yrs ago we had a water problem due to rain, so our builder opened the fabric up to let the water drain from the insulation. Then only taped it back together well after a few yrs the tape wore out and the fabric plus the insulation dropped to the ground this created a great bonus for mice to harbor that nice warm area. Over the winter we felt a lot of cold air then mice running through our house. finally I looked under the house and was horrified as to what I saw about seven different places laying on the ground.

        Well totally upset by what a lousy job the contractor had done I went to work actually sewing those areas up with nylon thread, but I did it without much thought to what may become a health issue. with mouse dropping and dust falling all around me I spent the next three days working without a mask or anything to protect me. I actually had a mouse dropping fall into the tear duct of my left eye.

        Well in about 2 days I began to feel very very bad like my lungs hurt and didn't want to work or maybe I was trying to have a heart attack. My wife and I went to the store and I felt like I just wanted to fall down and die on the spot.

        When we got home I finally told my wife what was happening and of course she got after me for not telling her earlier about it, she said she new I was not feeling good but not how bad I was feeling I could barely take a breath. She immediately got thieves oil and said breath this and rub it on your chest and feet. With the very first breath I could already breath better. It was one of the most grand feeling I've ever felt. I could feel the thieves go to every part of my lungs like it was destroying all the infections that was caused by breathing the mouse fecus and mouse dust. That was Friday 4\23\03 today Monday 4\26\03 I went to the Dr. they said I have perfect lungs, that it must have just been a feeling that I had. Well I know better it was the Thieves no doubt. I'm completely sure if I hadn't used the oils I would be in the hospital at this very moment.
Thanks be to Thieves, our Creator and Gary Young                
Herb McCord


       Now for all you smokers out there I smoked for about 20 yrs, that was 20 some yrs ago the Dr. could still see the damage that smoking done, and so could I. She showed me the X-rays it was even fairly obvious to me, although she had to point it out for me.

      So if your thinking about quitting but haven't done it yet. Do it and do it now!



    This happened without planning. Had some thieves on my fingers and used dental floss. The thieves was on the floss and I think I may have invented a way to cut down bacteria between teeth.


I woke up last night with crud in my throat. I could not clear it. I was getting to the point where I knew I would wake the family. So I pulled Thieves and added water and drank a little of this. Throat cleared and never came back.

Before the oils, I hate to think what I would have tried.
Kathy Kouwe  

"I used Thieves Cleaner the last two times I did my
carpet! It is fantastic! Cleans better than the commercial 
shampoo and was cheaper too! I used 1/4 cup for two
gallons of water. It leaves your house smelling wonderful!
And you know you have killed all those germs!"


"I am a car enthusiast, and I get oil and grease all over
my clothes all of the time. I spray Thieves Cleaner on
my greasy clothes, and it cleans the stains better than
anything on the market!"
Terry Hueffed

Hurricane Irene: Goodbye Mold & Mildew
Hurricane Irene struck Saturday August 27, 2011. Some tree took out our phone line. And another one took out our electric and the sump pump is no good without electric. Result: Flooded basement and a total loss for everything in it.

Once electric was restored, we managed to get most of the water out, but we required professional help to empty the basement.

Once they got the wet carpets and boxes and everything else out, the shop vac was able to finish up the removal of the remaining water. But oh, what an aroma and what an opportunity for mold and mildew to set in! But I conquered the smell and the potential for mold and mildew with Young Living Thieves.

(1) First I used my Thieves spray throughout the house to get a fresh, clean scent. (This worked wonders when there was skunk scent from the yard that crept into the house a few weekes earlier.)

(2) Next step....diffuser.....I wish I had had a few more but even the one diffuser - which I placed as close to the center of the basement as possible - started to refresh the air.

(3) But then the big job.. ...mopping up the floor...I couldn't do this all in one chuck of time, but I got my Quickie Jumbo Floor Mop - with the big rectangular head and a big rectangular storage bin as my bucket. Poured in the Thieves household cleaner and added some water and started mopping....OMG.....a fresh clean smell! And the assurance that I was cleaning anything that might turn into mold. (I can't use bleach - gives me headaches and I don't trust any products that make me ill. Thank God for Thieves.)

(4) Final step.....I put some Thieves Oils - neat (undiluted) - on some cotton balls and stuck them in my household air vents - just to have that fresh scent throughout the house.

Good Night Irene!
Naurene Antoniotti

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