What People Are Saying

What People Say About Using the Essential Oils Recommended,
And the Mold Protocol Developed by Dr. Ed Close 
By Jacquelyn A Close, Copyright 2012-2018

Jacqui and Ed Close

For friends who don't know Edward R. Close he's the one I'm always quoting from Mold Rx book and completely different title: Transcendental Physics. Genius with great heart and functional intelligence applied to serve the world. ~~ Rev. Lindsay Babich

“Our house which was built almost 80 years ago had mold in it. And mold causes all kinds of things, including confusion. And it can make you feel like you’ve got the flu. Well, Jacqui Close introduced me to something {they call EOB2], and Jacqui I am eternally grateful to you for learning about this oil, because it does destroy mold. Most recently we had an infestation of mold in our basement, and diffusing [the recommended] oil totally transformed the basement. And now we have that wonderful odor of {the essential] oil. Every household needs to diffuse the oil [recommended by Dr. Close].”  ~~ C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD

“I would go to my office and be groggy and have a headache, because there was mold present there. Once I got the [recommended essential oil], thanks to Jacqui Close, within 30 minutes of turning on the diffuser, I felt better.” 
~~ Brenda Watson

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My family, friends, associates have benefited greatly from the environmental research of Dr. Close. I regularly get very positive feedback from those applying the methods Dr. Close has recommended for combating toxic mold.
Sally Ashford

Dr. Close brings integrity and commitment to his work. We need more professionals like him at this critical juncture in human history.
Christopher Lee May

I highly recommend Dr. Edward Close. I have learned quite a bit by reading his book and visiting his website.
Connie Bynum

Dr. Close has tremendous insight into how to focus the problem, using a methodology that is replaceable, applicable and safe and most of all he does it with grace and ease.
Don Clair

Dr. Close is not only well educated and knowledgeable, but he is a skilled teacher, making complex subjects understandable to the lay person. I have learned a great deal from his books, lectures, and the materials on his website. He is detailed, yet keeps the information interesting.
Joy Linsley

Dr. Close is more than well-educated, he is also open to new ideas and exploring them. His forward thinking have helped him to discover things that have never been known to people in our age. I highly recommend reading his publications and learning from his experience any way available to you.
Dana Christisen

Mold In My Car

Awesome information!!

I'm printing all of your emails with all this great content…and saving them in a folder on my computer…I can tell you that I'm very happy and amazed with the results I'm starting to see in my car.  Its a miracle! I got my car back..... thnx!!  ( !!:-)  Big Grin ! whereas before just the thought of knowing that I had to drive my car to get somewhere would totally depress me and it was painful having to deal with all the discomfort... I used to try and avoid driving my car as much as possible…
Cynthia Giddens

Household Mold or Fungus

I have a customer who used the [recommended] cleanser in a shower which had a lot of mold.  She commented on that right after she sprayed there was a very strong smell of dying vegetation.  She did one more application a few days later and it was gone.  She was so excited about it...she also diffusses the [recommended] oil in her place of business which is in a very old building.  It has helped with the dusty, moldy smell that was in her space.

I use the [recommended] cleanser 1 capful in all my loads of wash.
Enell Foerster

"Every fall, we get mold growing on the siding of our house, so last October, I cleaned a 4 ft. X 4 ft. area with [EOB2] Household Cleaner. I sprayed it on, scrubbed it with a brush, waited five minutes, and sprayed it down with the hose. I showed my husband how clean it was, but he still chose to clean the rest of the side of the house with bleach. This October, I looked at that side of the house. Again, the seasonal mold is all over the siding...except for the 4 ft. X 4 ft. area I cleaned with [EOB2 cleaner] last year!"
Deb Bowman


I woke up last night with crud in my throat. I could not clear it. I was getting to the point where I knew I would wake the family. So I pulled [out the EOB2 oil] and added water and drank a little of this. Throat cleared and never came back.

Before the oils, I hate to think what I would have tried.
Kathy Kouwe  

"I used [the EOB2] Cleaner the last two times I did my carpet! It is fantastic! Cleans better than the commercial shampoo and was cheaper too! I used 1/4 cup for two gallons of water. It leaves your house smelling wonderful!


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