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Nature's Mold Rx Enters 3rd Printing

Our book, Nature's Mold Rx, has now entered it's 3rd printing. Thank you everyone. We are so happy that so many of you have found value in our work and have shared it with others. We also thank the book stores and retailers who continue to make this book available:  Life Science Publishers, Abundant Health, Sound Concepts, CARE, and

We are so grateful to God for having been chosen to discover and share the benefits of His Wondrous Gifts of how oils from plants are our best protection and our greatest harbor of safety from the destruction and ravages of mold and mold exposure. God created mold and he created the solution to the problems mold would cause us in both the buildings we inhabit and in our bodies.

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Wishing Everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Joyous Holiday Season.
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Sunday, November 3, 2013


By Jacquelyn A Close

© Copyright November 2, 2013
When mold species, such as Stachybotrys chartarum or Aspergillus/Penicillium, invade your body they are just trying to do what they were created to do and that is break down organic material so it can be recycled. But when mold invades our human bodies, it wreaks havoc and creates misery. So what symptoms are associated with mold exposure?  And how do you protect yourself?

The most common symptoms of mold exposure include:

Headaches                               Allergies
Breathing Difficulties             Coughing
Colds                                       Flu-Like Symptoms
Aching Muscles                      Sore Throat
Nausea                                    Vomiting
Diarrhea                                  Constipation
Fever                                       Sinus Congestion
Runny Nose

What do those symptoms sound like to you? Some type of virus or bacterial infection maybe?

That is usually what a doctor thinks when someone comes to him with these symptoms. We know, because we have heard people tell us this story over and over and over again for years now.

Here are some other fairly common symptoms of mold exposure.

General Fatigue, Malaise           Nosebleeds
Eye and Vision Problems          Earaches
Dandruff                                      Hair Loss
Fatigue                                        Hearing Loss
Irritability                                    Memory Loss
Learning Difficulties                  Memory Problems
Difficulty Speaking                    Seizures
Skin Sores                                  Rashes
Sleep disorders                          Sneezing
Lightheadedness                       Vertigo
Dizziness                                    Weight Gain
Anger                                          Rage
Anxiety                                       Drug abuse

Diseases Scientifically Linked to Mold:

Asthma                                  Allergies
Bleeding Lungs                    Dermatitis
Weight Gain                          Anger, Rage
Anxiety                                  Bi-Polar
Drug Abuse                           Addiction
Chronic Fatigue                    Fibromyalgia
Depression                            Alzheimer’s
Multiple Sclerosis                 Insomnia
Neuropathy                           OCD
Panic Disorder                      Paranoia
Schizoid Syndrome              Hives
Kidney Failure                      Infections
Death                              And the list goes on.

How can mold do or cause all of these different things?

Because mold infests, colonizes, and destroys our bodies, including our brains. It uses our skin and every opening into the body to attack us. And when mold finds a foothold in the body, it starts reproducing itself and using our bodies, our tissues, organs, our blood and even our brains for food. When mold is reproducing right inside our bodies that creates irritation, which leads to inflammation. And if we cannot stop that process and eliminate the mold, then we end up with a systemic inflammatory condition. That spirals into the inflammatory cascade that, even a little research shows contributes to and may even be the primary cause for pretty much every immune disorder and immune system disease known to man.


Cancer                                                Diabetes        
Rheumatoid Arthritis                      Heart Disease
Bursitis                                              Laryngitis
Gingivitis                                           Tendonitis
Gastritis                                             Celiac Disease
Diverticulitis                                     Sepsis
Inflammatory Bowel Disease

And here’s the gospel truth, most doctors don’t even know, believe or understand that mold is or even could be the source of these problems. They don’t test for mold in your blood or urine, even though those tests are available. Blood serum testing is extremely expensive, however, the urine testing is much less costly. But most doctors don’t even know to do those tests. We have had numerous people tell us that they asked their doctor to test them for mold and they were told:  “There is no medical diagnosis for mold or mold exposure.”

Typically, doctors prescribe a round of antibiotics to treat the identified symptoms. Usually that approach has some effect, but then after a short while the person gets sick again. They go back to their doctor.

The problem is this:  Mold is a living organism that adapts to antibiotics.

So, when the patient’s symptoms return, the doctor prescribes another round of antibiotics that is stronger, and recommends that the person stay on them longer. Why? Because that’s what the medical profession is taught to do. They know the previous antibiotics were not totally effective, and they know those same antibiotics have less chance of being effective a second time. More and more rounds of different antibiotics are prescribed. And what happens?

The antibiotics depress the immune system, making it more and more difficult for your body to fight off this mold invader, and over time the problem gets worse and worse, adversely affecting more and more of the body. And the stronger the antibiotics, and the longer you have to be on them, the worse the side effects. Antibiotics make the problems associated with mold exposure worse, not better. Unfortunately, it isn’t always apparent to the people involved until their body has been so depleted that they think they will never be well again.

Don’t let this scare you, because we have a SECRET weapon. We have essential oils. Plants had to create something to protect themselves against mold because these two (plants and mold) appear in the geologic record at roughly the same time. And mold’s favorite food is cellulose from plants. If plants hadn’t had these built-in defense mechanisms, they would not have survived the onslaught of mold. So don’t be scared. Just learn how to protect yourself. 

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Jacquelyn A Close
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