PUBLICATIONS by Edward R Close and Jacquelyn A Close

Edward R. Close, PhD, PE, has more than 50 years experience in the environmental field.
Edward R Close, PhD, PE
He is a recognized expert in environmental science, and has served as environmental adviser to more than 20 Fortune 500 companies.
Dr. Close completed most of his PhD at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, worked for the US Geological Survey for 13 years and last served that agency as a Senior Hydrologist and Reports Specialist. For over 15 years he served either as Senior Hydrogeologist or Senior Environmental Planner for several large environmental consulting firms, before opening his own environmental engineering firm in 1995. 

The following is a list of all publications from Edward R Close and Jacquelyn A Close that are currently available for purchase. 

Natures' Mold Rx, the Non-Toxic Solution to Toxic Mold
Quality Paperback, 8.5 x 11, 207 pages.

In this clear, easy to understand book, Dr. Edward R. Close and Jacquelyn A. Close provide 20 case studies and detail the discovery of a non-toxic remedy for the problems created by mold and exposure to it. Detailed instructions teach you how to use the exact procedure pioneered and developed by Dr. Close for preventing and eliminating mold in buildings.

You may have to do a search for the word "Mold" on the following websites.
Available At: 

              Toxic Mold - A Breakthrough Discovery
              DVD - 1 hour
             This myth-busting, no-hype video presents scientific
             data that a safe, non-toxic blend of plant extracts,
             called essential oils, destroys mold in as little as
             24 hours. Learn: 
              -- Why Bleach is Ineffective 
              -- Disastrous Mistakes almost everyone makes 
                     and how you can avoid them
             -- What mold may be doing to your health 
                                                   -- How to protect yourself, your workplace,
                                                           your pets and your family. 

 Available At:

Essential Oils vs Mold CD - This is an audio CD
that includes specifics about what oils and dietary
changes may help removed mold from the human
body. If you have been impacted by mold, this would be
a great addition to your resources librayr. This recording
is by Jacquelyn A Close, an internationally
recognized author/speaker, with over 20 years
experience in using essential oils. (1 hr in length)

Available at:

               Frankincense:  Healing Oil for the Ages
               Audio CD -- Learn the facts about frankincense and
               its many uses from Jacquelyn A Close. In this 1 hr
               audio only CD, she points to the many scientific
               publications available through internet searches and 
               provides 3rd party support for statements made 
               concerning frankincense production and distilling.
               This CD is wildly popular.
               "I give this wonderful, uplifting CD away as a gift,
                         and buy them by the 100s." ~ Diane Mora

"This is one of my all-time favorite CDs."
     ~ Dr. David Stewart, PhD, DNM

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  1. I can't seem your article on how to find a mold professional in my area? Thank you for all your research, I have been following the protocol and reading your book! After 5 years of illness, you are a blessing. Now I just need help finding the source of the mold! Please help.

    1. See for help finding the building defects that lead to mold.

  2. According to air mold tests, it worked! but 5 years later I still have it in my body. Is there any other easier way to treat yourself with the various oils other than trying to drip hundreds of drops in capsules every day? Thanks

  3. How much thieves oil do you need for the protocol. We have a 2000 sqft home 4 bedrooms. How long does a 15ml bottle diffuse for?

    1. The protocol is very specific so there is a book written to learn more about it and share the details. See the Nature's Mold RX book listed above.

  4. Hello, i am so pleased to have found your protocol! Please please can ypu recommend a diffuser as it seems the ypung living therapro is no longer available anywhere! Help!

  5. I offer support on the Close protocol as Dr. Close and Jacqui have helped me. Jacqui Close passed away in December of 2018. See for more information and for assistance with the protocols.

    1. I just read this. I am back to researching mold info again for a friend. This news makes me so sad. Jacqui helped me with our mold remediation via email. She was so supportive and compassionate. We were very ill from it and she literally saved our lives using their protocols. An amazing woman.