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GET RID OF MOLD NATURALLY using Thieves Essential Oil

By Jacquelyn A Close

There are many natural options touted on the internet for getting rid of mold, but there is only one natural option currently available that has 3rd party independent testing proving that it works. That one option is the use of Young Living Essential Oils’ ThievesTM oil blend and Thieves Household Cleaner. This option was pioneered by Edward R Close, PhD, Professional Engineer, and founder of EJC Advantage, LLC. This option, discovered by Dr. Close, has been used throughout the world since 2005. The truly exciting beauty of this natural option for mold remediation is that it has worked every single time, when used in accordance with the protocol developed by Dr. Close. This website is dedicated to providing the most up to date information available on the use of Young Living Thieves Essential Oil for preventing and eliminating mold in buildings in as little as 24 hours.

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So how did this discovery come about?

Dr. Close had a client who purchased an apartment building that had been flooded. After tenants had been relocated, the apartment building had been vacant and more or less abandoned for several years. Mold had run rampant throughout the apartments. The new owner hired Dr. Close to do environmental testing to show that the apartments could meet safety requirements for occupancy, these tests were stipulated as part of the government loan process for converting the apartments to low-income housing. The tests required included testing for asbestos, lead, mold and a few other potential hazards.

The new owner had already begun renovations of the apartments, tearing out anything and everything that had mold growing on it or showed signs of water damage. Many of the apartments had walls that were taken down to the studs, and even some of the studs had been replaced due to water damage. All sources of excess moisture had been eliminated. A cleaning company from St. Louis had been through the apartments and wiped down everything with bleach water. Even after all this was done, when Dr. Close took air samples, the levels of mold spores found in some of the apartments were extremely high.

The cleaning company came back and did another complete round of cleaning with a cleaner that their supplier told them would take care of anything because it was used in hospital clean rooms. Samples were taken again, and once again the level of mold spores were extremely high.

Dr. Close suggested the cleaning company use a toxic industrial strength fungicide. They came back and stopped work because this was so toxic, no one could be in the space working while the fungicide was deployed. Again samples were taken, and while mold levels were slightly lower, they were still far above the levels found in the ambient outside air.

Dr. Close was talking with me, his wife, at breakfast one morning about the problem he was having with mold at this facility. He told me he didn’t know how to advise his client. They had done everything and considerably more than was normally recommended to get rid of the mold in these apartments and nothing was working.

I said:  Why don’t you ask them to let you do with a test with the essential oils? Look it says right here in this book that oils are antifungal. And we know these oils are safe enough to take internally, we take them on a regular basis and have been for over six years now.

He said:  I’m not going to suggest that my engineering clients use aromatherapy to get rid of mold. They would laugh me out of the country. I would lose my engineering license. We wouldn’t have a business any more. Is that what you want?

I said:  Just tell them you want to do a test and that you have an antifungal agent that is safe, but you don’t know whether it will work or not. Offer to do the test at no cost to them, if it doesn’t work. And only charge them for the laboratory analyses, if it does work.

He said:  I’m not going to suggest anything like this to my client, unless you can show me the Science!

So, I went to the library and I went online and looked up scientific documentation of the antifungal properties of essential oils, and I found a lot of it. You can find it too. Just do a search online for essential oil and antifungal. Most of the studies were done in the food industry or in laboratories. There was nothing specifically about using essential oils to get rid of mold in buildings, but there was ample proof that essential oils have antifungal properties. So, I printed everything out and brought him a stack of scientific papers about 2 feet high and handed them to him.

He looked through some of them, and said:  Okay, oils have antifungal properties, but none of these tell you how to get rid of mold in buildings using essential oils.

I said:  That’s why God has given this information to you. He is calling you to provide this knowledge for the world. This is His gift to His children, through you. We are God’s hands and feet, His arms and hands. He puts things in front of us and asks us to step up and help someone in a way that glorifies Him. Will you talk to the clients and ask them to let you do a test?

He said:  I don’t know how to do a test with essential oils. How am I supposed to get oils throughout these apartments? How much oil do I need? How long will it take?

I said:  I don’t know the answer to that, but you’re the engineer, you figure it out. I’ll pick the best oils to test. You figure out the rest.

So, he did. He took the equipment we had available, and the oils we had available, and he did some calculations and determined how long he would have to run a small cold-air diffuser in order to saturate the entire space in one apartment with enough essential oil mist to have some chance of impacting the mold in the air. He told the client, I’ve got another option to try. I don’t know if it will work, but if it doesn’t, I won’t charge you for it.

The client said:  Well, we’ve sunk a lot of money in this project and we still can’t rent the apartments. Nothing else has worked, but if you think there’s even a chance this might work, we’re willing to have you do it. From our perspective, it’s our ONLY option at this point.  And we’ve got nothing to lose.

So, the first test using essential oils to eliminate mold in buildings was run in November, 2005.  Samples were collected before and after diffusing the essential oils for 24 hours in one test apartment. The samples were sent to a 3rd party environmental laboratory for all testing. Here are the independently verified results:


This test was done in another location.


Is additional research still needed? Yes. However, there have already been over 300 test cases personally performed by Dr. Ed Close. Thanks to his efforts, the first 3 case studies are available in a DVD. The first 20 Case Studies are available in a book. And since 2005, this option has already been used by pregnant and nursing mothers, hospitals, Neo-Natal Intensive Care Units, schools, nurses, and a growing number of medical doctors, as well as thousands of homeowners with children and pets, without negative side effects. And it has worked every single time. 

We do not know and cannot predict how a specific individual will respond to the essential oils because we are all unique creations of God. We have different body types, different blood types, different body chemistries, and what works for one person may not work the same way for another. However, we do know without question that the Close Protocol for preventing and eliminating mold in buildings is currently the best option available for homeowners and business owners, public officials, and anyone looking to address mold in buildings. It works. This has proven to be one of the safest, most effective means to address mold and fungi in buildings ever discovered.

If you are having health problems you think may be the result of mold exposure, then you must eliminate mold from your environment to the extent possible. Why not choose a non-toxic, eco-friendly, life-supporting, God-created remedy that provides your body with the support it requires to enjoy the State of Perfect Health intended for you by God from the first moment of creation? 

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Wishing You Vibrant Health and Abundant Blessings!

Dr. Ed and Jacqui Close

Edward R Close and Jacquelyn A Close
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