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Mold –A Secret Weapon That Can Win The War Against Mold
By Jacquelyn A. Close
© Copyright January 9, 2014

A few years ago, I saw a program on PBS or the Discover Channel about mold and fungi. Maybe you’ve seen those science programs on TV too. This one showed ants, or insects, and sometimes even small animals that had been exposed to mold and their bodies couldn’t fight it off? If you haven’t seen a program like that, there is a short 3 minute video available on YouTube produced by the BBC, and narrated by Sir Richard Attenborough, that shows what happens when killer fungi, aka killer mold, attacks jungle ants and other jungle creatures. The video is called:

Cordyceps: attack of the killer fungi - Planet Earth, Attenborough, BBC

If for any reason you cannot view the video above, here is a link to that video on YouTube:

In the video, you will see an ant. The ant begins to slow down. It is sick. And the narrator says that mold is affecting the ant’s body and brain. It is behaving strangely. If the sick ant is found by worker ants, it is whisked away from the colony because, as the video tells us, the mold infected ant poses an enormous threat to the health of the colony. We watch as the ant dies.

Then what happens?

They show you, with time-lapsed photography, how mold grows over and eventually covers the entire ant, or insect, or animal, and then mushrooms sprout up through the dead carcass.

What you see in that time-lapsed photography is exactly what mold was created to do – It creates a biofilm, that is, a colony of fungal spores that feeds on both living and inert materials and breaks them down, using them for food. And ultimately, that material, insect, animal, or whatever it is infesting, is recycled and reused by the environment.

The video shows you, mold is a killer. It infests an organism. Feeds on it. Then proliferates or reproduces. And then mold breaks that organism down, turning it into basically compost. It does the same thing to us humans.

The mother who contacted us and said her son had black things coming out of his ears, was seeing exactly what happens. Mold had infested her baby’s ear canals and sinus cavities. Doctors, specialists, had done everything they could, but nothing worked. She was fortunate. She found our book and she reported to me that thanks to our information, her little boy is now healthy again.

There was another little boy who nearly died in his father’s arms because doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong, but he is still here and healthy today because his father was Gary Young and Gary Young figured out that mold was causing his son’s problem and he used essential oils to save his little boy’s life. Gary told this story in 2006 during the Young Living Convention, right before introducing my husband, Dr. Ed Close, who shared his research about using Thieves essential oil to get rid of mold in buildings. Ed had done his research independently and had no idea that Gary and his family had been dealing with this very same issue in their own home. These two men were working independently with no knowledge of what the other was doing, one was dealing with mold in the body and the other with mold in buildings. And God brought them together to share a story that would change the world.

Essential oils remain a little known option because oils are a natural substance that cannot be patented, are costly to produce, supplies are impacted by the weather, and cannot be sold for anywhere near the same huge profits. Even though oils offer a better option, more powerful, faster-action, and they do all of this with almost no side-effects. 
Have you listened to all the negative side effects at the end of the commercials for pharmaceuticals. The number one killer in the world is pharmaceutical drugs appropriately prescribed, according to research published in 2007 and revisited in 2010 (see the original 2007 article, “Death By Medicine, Part 1” and “Death By Medicine Part 2,” as well as the follow-up article, “Nearly 250,000 Deaths From One Common Mistake,” published in February, 2011 on Dr. Joseph Mercola’s website here:

If you are one of the people who has been impacted by mold, there is a better, natural way to deal with mold -- a secret weapon.

What is that secret weapon? is important that you know that unless you clear your space, your living and working environment, of mold, you will never be free of it and the negative impacts it may have on your health. So, if you either know or believe you are being impacted by mold, the first thing to do is start diffusing in your home and work space.

You see when a mold species, such as Stachybotrys chartarum or Aspergillus, invades your body it is just trying to do what it was created by God to do. It’s just doing its job. It’s job is to help recycle organic material, break things down and return them to the earth to be re-used. Mold is everywhere, in dry climates and wet. But we have essential oils, God's Secret Weapon provided by God to help us win this war against the mold. Essential oils come from organically grown, cared for, and organically distilled plants so they preserve all the natural goodness built into them by God.

Plants were created by God for our healing (See Genesis 1:12 and 9:3; Ezekiel 47:12; Psalms 104:14; and Revelation 22:2). He spoke plants, herbs and grasses into existence and they are given by God as our protection against disease and for our healing. God is our protector and our only healer, but He gave us plants and told us they are to help bolster our bodies. He uses these little drops filled with His Divine Wisdom, His Divine Energy, His Unconditional Love, and His Sacred Intelligence to return the body to the state of Perfect Health that He intended for each of us from the beginning.

There is only one reason I offer Young Living Oils to others or say anything about them to anyone at all. That one reason is that they work and they work extremely well. When compared to other treatments, they are so far superior that it is almost laughable that man could deign himself capable of producing something superior to the plants God gave us. Essential oils don’t have all those awful negative side effects because God made sure they had built-in buffers and traces of all sorts of compounds. Pharmaceuticals are built on the trust that they will always be exactly the same and contain only the "active ingredients" required for them to accomplish one specific task. Isolating active ingredients is what causes many of the problems with pharmaceuticals. And if you are dealing with living organisms, such as viruses, bacteria and fungi/mold, these living organisms adapt and become immune to those pharmaceuticals. That is why we have "Super Bugs." 

So far, the only side effects we’ve experienced with essential oils have been positive ones. These oils have helped me when everything else failed, and I will shout it to the rooftops for as long as I am able. If you have not tried Young Living’s Essential Oils, then you cannot know or begin to understand the power these little drops filled with God’s Love, God’s Intelligence and God’s Healing Energy possess.

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Enjoy Vibrant Health! Happiness! And a Joy-Filled Life.
Abundant Blessings,

Jacquelyn A Close

Edward R Close and Jacquelyn A Close
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