Sunday, March 8, 2015


Young Living's AromaLux Diffuser 

Edward R Close, PhD, PE, and Jacquelyn A Close
Copyright March 8, 2015

We have received numerous requests for information about using Young Living's new AromaLux Diffuser for addressing mold in buildings.

While the AromaLux is a cold-air diffuser and we are very impressed with it, we have not completed testing of this diffuser and cannot advise you or help you in using this diffuser until testing is completed. At this time, we have no way of knowing with any certainty if it will actually deliver a sufficient amount of oil in the requisite time frame, what the eccentricities of operation are, and exactly what might be required to obtain the desired results. Additionally, the diffuser will stop operating after 10 hours. This is problematic for addressing mold in buildings because we typically would diffuse for a minimum of 24 hours and up to 72 hours, depending on the levels and types of mold present in a given building. Therefore, we continue to recommend using the TheraPro Premium for mold cleanup and remediation projects.

The AromaLux is an excellent diffuser for maintenance in buildings where the Close Protocol using the TheraPro Premium Diffuser has already been employed. The AromaLux appears to be much quieter, have more control options, and be more thorough in using the oil in the bottle, plus we like the design much better. However, until we have completed testing, we cannot recommend the AromaLux for mold remediation or cleanup and we continue to recommend using the TheraPro for preventing and eliminating mold in buildings.

We have added this information to our 2015 DIFFUSER RECOMMENDATIONS page. You can now find everything you need to be able to use the Close Protocol for Preventing and Eliminating Mold in Buildings on that updated page.You can access that page by clicking this link:

Wishing you joyous, abundant, vibrant health.

Dr. Ed and Jacqui Close

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