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By Jacquelyn A Close, Copyright 2013

What is Thieves Household Cleaner? Watch this 1 minute video for the answer.

Dr. Ed Close and I are asked by more than 75% of the people who contact us for help in addressing mold in their homes and office spaces: 

If I'm diffusing the Thieves Essential Oil for 24-72 hours, and that kills mold, why do I need to use the Thieves Household Cleaner on anything?

First, we strongly urge you to use the Thieves Household Cleaner (THC) for all your cleaning. It will save you money and protect your home, property, family and employees from the toxic chemicals used in most other cleaning supplies. Even so-called “Green Cleaners” pose many hazards (for more detailed information on this see our Brochure:  Thieves Household Cleaner vs. The #1 Household Cleaner, also compares THC to the #1 Selling Green Cleaner on the market. To order this brochure, click here:  PUBLICATIONS).

Second, we would like to make something clear:

Thieves Essential Oil does not kill mold. It digests mold spores.

What does that mean? When we diffuse Thieves Essential Oils for a sufficient amount of time at a sufficient throughput rate, then the mold spores are digested, or you might say they are eaten. According to a February, 2011, report in Science Daily, researchers Professor Lígia Salgueiro and Professor Eugénia Pinto with the University of Coimbra in Portugal, showed that "oils work by destroying fungal cells by damaging the cell membrane. They believe that further research into the mechanisms by which this essential oil works could have significant clinical benefits." This was according to a study by Salgueiro's team which was published in the Journal of Medical Microbiology. So, the mold is not just dead when you use Thieves Essential Oil. Instead, the essential oils destroy the cell membrane. Testing conducted by my husband, Dr. Edward R. Close, and verified by an independent laboratory has shown that the mold spores and fungal fragments for species that only occur indoors are no longer present, neither in the air nor on surfaces. Mold species found in the ambient outdoor air will find ways into a building, however, the Thieves Essential Oil has a residual effect and will continue offering protection in areas where it has been diffused for between 3 and 5 months, possibly longer.

Killing mold is what bleach, fungicides, pesticides, and biocides do. They don’t digest mold spores. They kill mold spores, and they leave dead mold spores and metabolites including toxic VOCs and toxic mycotoxins in the air and on surfaces. These dead spores, toxic VOCs and mycotoxins cause just as many health problems as the living mold spores do. That is not the case when you diffuse the Thieves Essential Oil blend. And so you know, not all VOCs are toxic. If they were, air would be toxic. A VOC is a volatile organic compound. Essential oils are volatile organic compounds but you will not get sick by smelling them, instead you will enjoy better health. But back to our current discussion…

So, why do you have to diffuse Thieves Essential Oil for 24-72 hours and then clean up and remove all mold and mold-infested or water-damaged materials? And why after doing that do you still have to use the Thieves Household Cleaner on anything?

Here things get a little more subtle...

People call many things mold. Sometimes it is mold, usually it is a fungi, but sometimes it is called mildew, sometimes rusts, smuts, or something else, but usually they can see it growing on something. Mold also comes in many colors: black, blue, green, pink, red, orange, gray, white, and others. Mold is typically seen by people growing on walls, floors, furniture, ceilings, draperies, clothing, shoes, tile, wood, grout, trees, anything porous and sometimes on things that aren’t or don’t look porous such as glass and metal. Mold is usually associated with water leaks, seepage, drains and in buildings it is most often found near windows, under sinks, air conditioners, heaters, toilets, showers, in kitchens and bathrooms, attics, on roofs, concrete pads, decks, on siding, and especially in basements.

What people can see and call mold is more than just mold spores.

Mold spores are microscopic and cannot be seen by the human eye. What is seen are the hyphae that produce Super Colonies of mold spores.

To help understand this, you can think of hyphae as the tree and mold as the pollen that tree produces. The tree is easily visible. It is tall and dense. But pollens are not always easily seen and pollen is far smaller than the tree that produces it.

The Asthma Center Education and Research Fund website states:

“A single ragweed plant can produce one million pollen grains in a single day. Some trees (conifers, for example) can release so much pollen that the microscopic grains form a cloud and can form a visible carpet on the ground.”

You can find additional information at their website:

So, just like a tree, the mold hyphae are much denser, much heavier, much more substantial than the individual mold spores produced by the hyphae. The Super Colony that is visible to the human eye consists of both the hyphae, also known as the fruiting structure, and the mold spores produced.

One square inch of what is typically called mold by most people will produce millions of mold spores.

The Asthma Center has this to say about mold spores:

“Mold spores can cause typical respiratory allergic symptoms. However, they are also can induce hypersensitivity, pneumonitis, bronchopulmonary aspergillosis and fungal sinusitis.”

“Mold exposure is associated with a variety of allergy symptoms. One study indicated that children exposed to fungal spores had a 10% to 30% increase in asthma symptoms for every 1000 spores/m3 of air. Another study revealed emergency room visits in New Orleans to be associated with elevated Basidiospore levels. This and other data provide the basis for established levels of 1000 spores/m3 or greater of outdoor air exposure as a cause of allergic symptoms.”

Diffusing Thieves Essential Oil reduces and eliminates mold spores in the air and on surfaces. It does this by surrounding the mold spore in the essential oil molecules and actually digesting or you might say eating the mold spore. The spore is then reduced to its basic elements and rendered harmless.

While this warrants and requires additional study, there is mounting evidence that the toxic metabolites mold produces do not materialize or they are also eliminated by the diffusing process and pose no threat when you diffuse Thieves Essential Oils. Thieves Essential Oil will also damage and sometimes kill the hyphae, but that structure is much larger in scale. To eliminate the threat posed by the hyphae, requires a more direct approach and that is why you follow diffusing with cleaning using the Thieves Household Cleaner.

So you know, we often observe that, after diffusing Thieves Essential oil for 24-72 hours, the Super Colony of mold hyphae and spores looks as though it has changed color slightly. It appears to be duller or sometimes darker in color than previously noted. Plus, we often see what looks like ink of the same color as the mold colony running down the wall, if the colony had been located on a wall before diffusing.

Using the Thieves Household Cleaner (THC) can and often will remove the remainder of the mold colony and eliminate the threat of future mold infestation.  

However, there is yet another subtle point…

Not every place you find mold will have the same amount of damage.

In some instances, visible mold may have penetrated deep into the surface and undermined the integrity of the material on which you find it. Water can do the same thing. But you can also have a small spot of visible mold (the mold Super Colony) that has not penetrated the surface of the substrate (a substrate is the material on which the mold is living and growing). And you can have mold spores in the first stages of hyphae formation and that would not be visible to humans. These early stage hyphae and spores can be attached to or hiding in porous materials and you won’t know it because they won’t be visible.  

If you have materials that have been water or mold damaged, they should be removed in accordance with practices that will keep mold spores from being spread to other parts of your home, work space, or office building. This is especially true when someone in the building is or may be sensitive or allergic to mold, and most especially when the mold you are dealing with is known to be toxic or to produce toxins.

Always better to be safe than sorry. However, you can have materials that are not so damaged that they have to be removed. In these cases, when there has been no penetration of the substrate, and you merely have small spots of mold, or a light covering of mold, the surface can be cleaned with the Thieves Household Cleaner, undiluted for indoor spaces and diluted 1 part cleaner to 4 parts water for exterior surfaces. This will eliminate the potential for that mold colony to produce additional spores. It can and will also remove some stains produced by mold.

We have seen entire walls that had light mold and staining and, instead of having to replace dry-wall or plaster, it was possible to clean that wall with the Thieves Household Cleaner undiluted and remove the problem. That is a huge savings over replacing wallboard of any kind. This type of savings is possible when the mold has not penetrated deeply into the substrate. Typical mold remediation bills run between $10,000 and $60,000, some are far more expensive. You can save two-thirds or more of that cost by diffusing the Thieves Essential Oil, removing water and mold-damaged materials, cleaning with Thieves Household Cleaner, and then diffusing Thieves or Purification Essential Oil for another 24-48 hours. This will reduce your exposure to mold exponentially. We have the individually verified laboratory tests to prove it.

And recently we received this note from a person in another state who we worked with over the phone and via email:

I want to thank Jacqui and Ed Close for guiding me in how to remove the mold that was discovered in my crawlspace of my home last October by a professional Environmental Engineer. I was told it would cost me close to $9,000 to clean up this aspergillius and penicilium. This was unacceptable to me. I immediately called my mentors Jacqui and Ed Close and they kindly helped me by giving me step by step directions. I want everyone to know how kind, caring, loving and generous they both are. I had to call many times and they always called me back. They both spent quality time with me and walked me through every single step.
Jacqui and Ed first taught me to diffuse my crawlspace with Thieves oil and Purification oil for 72 hours. The process consisted of making sure that the mold spores would not be distributed to the inside of my house so Ed taught me how to cover every single air vent in my home with plastic to secure the space. Then they told me to hire a couple of men who had experience but were not affiliated with a company. These two men came for a week and followed the protocol that Jacqui and Ed gave me. Ed also taught me that I had to purchase full body TyVek suits with respirators and gloves to protect my crew.

The protocol for these two men was to carefully remove the insulation and all the plastic overlay under my house and then they cleaned the area thoroughly.....and I mean every inch of this space for 8 hours with 12 jugs of Thieves HouseHold Cleaner. I then had my crew install all new insulation and new plastic overlay.

I then diffused with Thieves oil for the next few months.

I had my house re-tested by the same professional Environmental Engineeer a month ago and the results came back showing that the numbers were so LOW and undectable and that my space was so clean of any fungus or mold spores that it surprised him.

The best part was that it only cost me a few thousand dollars.

Thank you Jacqui and Ed for being there for me and for allowing me the honor to know you. With hearlfelt gratitude and appreciation.
Hugs, Gloria Frank.

5 Reasons to Clean With Thieves Household Cleaner for Mold,
Even When You Diffuse Thieves Essential Oil:

     1.    To Clean-up Existing Mold when removal of the substrate material is not necessary.
     2.    To Prevent Mold from establishing Super-Colonies that destroy materials.
     3.    To remove mold stains.
     4.    To Reduce Toxic Chemical Exposure.
     5.    To Save Your Hard Earned Money!

Eliminating sources of moisture is also still required and you may have to remove and replace some materials, if the damage is bad enough.
Here is the really GREAT NEWS!

When you diffuse the Thieves Essential Oil regularly, and clean your home or business with Thieves Household Cleaner regularly, mold spores will be greatly reduced indoors from the levels found outdoors, even if you can’t eliminate every single source of moisture from your building.

We have worked with people who had a historic home with a hand-dug, dirt-floor basement that had leaks in multiple places. The owners said they couldn’t afford to have the basement water-proofed. We recommended they put water vapor barriers in-place, which is far less expensive than retrofitting a hand-dug dirt floor basement with concrete and water-proofing, but they said they couldn’t afford that either. So the only suggestion we could make was that they diffuse the basement for 72 hours, and diffuse throughout their home for 24-48 hours, and clean every surface with the Thieves Household Cleaner, undiluted. We suggested they continue diffusing 8 hours per week every week, and that they use the Thieves Household Cleaner for all their regular cleaning. We went back and tested that home after 5 months and the indoor mold levels were still less than half what was found in the outdoor air. That was absolutely amazing! We had no idea whether it would work or not when we suggested they try it, and we told them that. So, we were as pleased as they were with the results.

One last thing…
Please if you undertake to do your own mold cleanup, please be sure to use the correct Personal Protective Equipment. What you need:

     1.    A Tyvek Suit that has attached booties and hood to protect your head and body.
     2.    Nitrile Gloves to protect your hands and skin.
     3.    Respirator or Face Mask – at least N-95 protection or better.
     4.    Goggles to prevent mold spores from getting in your eyes.
     5.    Earplugs to prevent mold spores from getting into your ears.

You can get most everything you need either through your local hardware store or online. Just do an online search for PPE.

And do yourself a favor and don’t purchase mold sampling kits over the internet or at the hardware store. These kits are a waste of your money. 

For an in-depth explanation of this and other topics, including how to find a local professional to do mold sampling and what to ask him when you do, order your copy of our DVD, Toxic Mold – A Breakthrough Discovery, and our book, Nature’s Mold Rx, the Non-Toxic Solution to Toxic Mold. You can get your personal copy of both of these publications by clicking here:

May You Always Enjoy Vibrant Health!
Jacqui Close

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Jacquelyn A Close
EJC Advantage LLC 
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    Dear Ms. Close:
    The research you cited (above) as evidence that "oils" destroy fungal cells was specifically about ONE essential oil: Lavandular viridis. This oil is NOT listed as an ingredient of Thieves oil blend, or cleanser. Mentioning this research is therefore misleading, and I politely request that it be removed from this page so that people do not buy Thieves products because they mistakenly believe that this research supports its use. You can read more about the report here:
    Linda Ellis

    1. Dear Ms. Linda Ellis: Thank you for your comment, however, we are not saying that the oil in the research cited is used in the Thieves oil blend or the cleanser. We are simply pointing out that research documents that the essential oil studied destroyed fungal cells by the process of breaking down cell walls and that is the only reason it was included. Independent research done by my husband, Dr. Ed Close, PhD in Environmental Science and Engineering, and Professional Engineer in the State of Missouri and elsewhere, has documented that Thieves oil does indeed destroy fungal cells by dissolving the cell walls. This is not, therefore, misleading. It is based on solid, scientifically documented and validated evidence. The research cited was merely mentioned to show that many essential oils may have the ability to dissolve fungal cell walls, and that additional research is warranted.

  2. Thank you for such detailed information!!!

  3. My kids left the bathtub running and flooded the bathroom carpet. The carpet is getting that all too familiar moldy smell. I tried to use a fan and towels to dry the carpets, but the smell is getting worse which means the mold is most likely spreading. What else can I do before I have to replace everything?

    1. Hi Bryan - You can diffuse with Thieves oil and use the Thieves Household Cleaner to shampoo the carpet. Or you could take the carpet out and just diffuse thoroughly, depending on what you find underneath the carpet.

  4. If not using mold test kits, how do I determine how serious, large my household mold issue is?

  5. Hi Kari - In our book we talk about all the differences between the types of samples that can and should be taken. In order to determine how serious a household mold issue is, you have to hire a professional to do a site visit and take samples of the air as well as any visible mold and an outdoor air sample so you know whether what is in your home is of concern or not. There are many professionals who do mold sampling. The best are either environmental engineers, industrial hygenists, or those who have been properly trained and have appropriate credentials. They will be able to identify sources that you might never even think to look at. Using mold test kits gives you an extremely limited amount of information and doesn't give a representation of the amount of mold spores you are breathing. It will always show that you have mold, but doesn't tell you how much is there, or where sources are located. The kits that give you DNA analysis of mold species again provide no information on the location or locations of the source, the level of spores you are breathing, and they use regional generalities that can be very misleading. Both types of mold test kits are a waste of money. They always show that you have mold, but they can grossly misrepresent whether you have a mold problem or not. We have seen cases where they told people they had a big mold problem and they didn't, and other cases where these kits said they had no problem at all and they did. Again, don't waste you money on something that doesn't work. Use it to get good information. Please see articles on this website for additional details. Wishing you Vibrant Health! Jacqui Close

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  7. I am glad I came across this info. We just purchased a house that will need major mold remediation. It sat in forclosure with a leaky roof for 3 yrs. Mold is EVERYWHERE. It is a 3 story Victorian with many large spaces/vaulted ceilings. We already plan to remove alot of affected drywall and all carpets. I also plan to use thieves cleaner undiluted on everything post removal of drywall and carpet. Wondering if you might have suggestions for diffusing..start before the demolition? Wait until we have the debris out? Suggestions for the larger areas of the home? The bedrooms will be easy enough but worried about those grand spaces. Also, wood kitchen cabinets that we will not be able to replace at this point...will the cleaner be effective due to the porous nature of the cabinets? Any suggestions will be appreciated!

    1. Hi Susan -
      Sounds a big project and a potentially beautiful and rewarding one. Diffusing prior to removing materials will help reduce exposure to workers, but it's really up to you to determine that. We would recommend diffusing before the demolition and making certain workers are properly protected with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The spaces with vaulted ceilings will depend on the exact height of those ceilings. That's an engineering question and we do offer the option for people to pay us for helping with questions like that about their specific project. Just click on the REQUEST HELP link on the right at the top of this page (it appears there on a desktop) to learn more about our services. Regarding wood kitchen cabinets - there is a high probability that there is mold behind those cabinets. And we don't know whether you have mold growing on the cabinets, what kind of mold it is, so answering that question is extremely difficult. With proper testing, we can be of greater assistance. Regarding wood materials, in general...Wood, even solid wood, is porous material. It is possible that you could clean the pieces with Thieves Household Cleaner (THC) undiluted by just spraying it on, leaving it on there for about 10-15 minutes and then wiping the piece down with paper towels. Unfortunately that may not be enough to save the piece. We have had people who saved furniture and cabinets doing this and diffusing inside the cabinets and the room where the cabinets or a piece of wood furniture was located, but because of the porous nature of wood, it may not take care of the problem and we have no way to determine that other than trial and error. If a person’s sensitivity to mold is high, then we would suggest getting rid of furniture/cabinets/wood materials, especially those that have a moldy smell after diffusing and cleaning with Thieves products, but you could see what happens with cleaning it. We always leave the decision to the person who owns and is working/living with the piece of wood. They can see it. They know what it's going to cost to replace it. Also, it is important to know that THC and oils can damage wood finishes, so always test a small area that isn’t visible before applying THC or Thieves oil to the larger piece so you know whether the finish is going to be noticeably damaged. There are too many variables for us to provide an answer based on the limited information available to us. Again, with proper testing, reviewing the data, seeing and analyzing a large number of photographs, we can be more specific, but that is an engineering project. Wishing you great success with eliminating mold in your new home. Hope you will post your results and your feelings about the protocol here when you are done.

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  9. How about to remove the molds on schoolbag? How can thieves household cleaner be used?

  10. How about to remove the molds on schoolbag? How can thieves household cleaner be used?

    1. Hi Suey - Do you have mold growing on a schoolbag? If so, I would replace the bag. They aren't that expensive. If you have just a small spot of mold, you can use the Thieves Household Cleaner, undiluted. Just spray on the Thieves Cleaner and let sit for 10-15 minutes, then wipe with a paper towel and put the paper towel into a ziplocked or tied plastic bag before putting in the trash. You can also use the small 1 ounce Thieves Spray to spray schoolbags inside and out at the end of every day to prevent mold from ever getting started.

  11. I have trully enjoyed your information and will be using the theives oil and products. I have been dealing with mold since 1994 and living in Virginia don't help. It has been one mold infected place after another it seem like most places are infected because mold is not taken serious enough and everyone don't have a immediate reaction like I do with rashes, joint pains, bleeding,weightloss and etc. But now I have a way to deal with naturally I am a herbalist. Are you aware of springtails they eat mold but when you have mold in your body they will get on and in your body to consume the mold growing inside of you. If you have info on them I would really be interested in hearing about it. Thank you again for your great information.

  12. Hi Living Life Naturally Healthy - If you are looking to get the Thieves oils and products, I will be happy to help with that. I understand the problems you can have with mold. We have worked with many people with backgrounds in herbs and natural medicine, as well as standard pharmacists and MDs. We are always happy to work with folks that have an interest in using natural products for increasing their enjoyment of a healthy life.

  13. Our doctor ran a CIRS panel, plus mold genetics, and Johny and I both have “the dreaded mold genes” and lab values indicating we have been, or maybe are still being, exposed to mold. Having “the dreaded genes” means that if exposed, we retain the airborne mold spores. Our own immune systems don’t recognize it as a foreigner and so we need help getting rid of it.At more plz

    1. Hi Nurjahan Akter -
      We have a CD available that talks about many ways to address mold in the body. You can find that on our Publications Page on this website.

  14. Hi Jacqui, like the person who posted above, I also have CIRS. We recently found a small leak in the master bedroom shower and found mold (tested and nasty molds). I have been diffusing Thieves since then though unfortunately, my partner messed with it so spores are everywhere. I am on CIRS treatment now so somewhat protected but still.... I will be brining in a remediator, thankfully, not a huge spot there but can't take chances due to this illness. What type of diffuser do you recommend to really infiltrate the room with Thieves? TIA, Susan

    1. Hi Susan - We have information about diffusers on our 2017 Diffuser Recommendations page on this website. Just look for that link in our list of pages.

  15. Hi Jacqui,

    I have leather handbags with mildew on them, how best do I clean them so they don't come back, and without damaging or staining the leather?

    I can't simply throw them away.

    1. Hi B3rgi3 -

      Good question, but difficult to answer. You might try placing the bag in a plastic container with a cold-air diffuser, such as we recommend, and just diffusing the bag for 24 hours and see what happens. I would turn the diffuser nozzle so it does not spray the mist of oil right on the bag, because that might affect any dyes used on the leather. If that doesn't work - then, in addition, I would put the Thieves Household Cleaner (undiluted) on a paper towel and apply to a spot that wouldn't be visible, to see how the leather responds. If possible, I would clean the leather all-over with the Thieves Household Cleaner and then diffuse the bag again for 24 hours. If there are water leaks or seepage, or mold in the storage area, or if the humidity is above 45%, or if the temperature varies significantly, then where you store the bags could affect whether the mold returns. So do pay attention to that if you wish to keep the mold from returning. Diffusing Thieves oil and using the Thieves Household Cleaner may make it possible to save the bags. We have had people save shoes, mink coats, paintings, and even rare and historical books using our protocol. However, if you are highly sensitive to mold or live with someone who is, then getting rid of the bags would be much better than damaging your health. It's your choice, though.

  16. My house tested positive for aspergillus and penecillum mold spores in the air. No visual mold on furniture. Remediation company is coming in to clean air and remove all mold carpet trim etc. We are moving and i dont want to take mold with me. Im worried about items like mattresses pillows shoes wooden furniture and all papers. Is it possible to clean these items with the thieves? If so how would i do it? Spray it on everything? Does the cleaner have to sit on a surface for a period of time to be effective? I also was considering buying a hepa vaccum and vaccuming these items before cleaning with thieves. Please help!

    1. If there is no visible mold on items, you may be able to diffuse Thieves oil for 24 hours and that will eliminate mold spores on surfaces that are exposed to the air/oil. However, mattresses and pillows, which are very porous, may have mold growing inside them that is not visible. That would be a judgement call on your part. Diffusing would eliminate mold spores on the surfaces, but it wouldn't get to mold that might be growing deep inside those items. Shoes can be diffused in a closet for 24 hours and all surfaces that are exposed to the oils should be fine, but again, if these items are porous, such as tennis shoes or cloth shoes, that's a judgement call. It could work, but it might not. Wooden furniture that doesn't have mold growing on it can be diffused for 24 hours, and then wiped down with Thieves Household Cleaner (THC), undiluted. You can just stick a sprayer in the top of the small bottle of THC and spray that onto wood furniture after diffusing, then wipe with paper towels, and dispose appropriately. It's best to let the undiluted THC sit for at least 10 minutes on any surface that has mold growing on it. If there is no mold growing on the surface, then that is not necessary.

  17. Thanks for all your help! As im going through things Im not sure about books. My kids have board books and paper books. Im thinking i can wipe each board book page down with thieves while paper books may need to be gotten rid of bc I cant clean each page. Is that right thinking? Also...we have tons of clothes in our closests. I was planning to take them and wash all of them with ammonia but could i skip this if i hung them in a room and diffused thieves for 24 hrs like the shoes? Some ppl have said no diffusing thieves around kids 2 and under while others say its safe...any advice on this?

    1. Hi Evans - You will have to use your judgement on the paper books. Personally, I would toss them, they can be replaced. They're not precious items. Your health and your family's health is precious. Clothes can be washed in Thieves Household Cleaner with added Thieves and Purification oils. You will lose some items, or some will be damaged, but you won't have mold. Diffusing clothes is problematic because they are so porous and will be going through a washer at some point. Ammonia stinks, but if you prefer to use that, it's your call. We know pregnant mothers and children under 2 years old who love Thieves oil and diffuse all the time, but we never know exactly how a given individual is going to respond to the oils. You have to monitor children closely when you are diffusing and consider their safety first.

  18. Would you recommend I use Steve's a diluted on my sofa upholstery and cushions? My belongings were storage for 18 months and there was an apparent water leak which resulted in slight damage on a few pieces. I used Thieves on the wood and solid surface pieces with great success. Thank you!

    1. Oops... Dictating my message sometimes comes out incorrectly.

      It should read "Thieves undiluted not Steve's...

    2. Hi -
      Thank you for your question. Items that have water damage, especially items that are porous such as sofa upholstery and cushions are problematic. Not being able to see inside those items, and not knowing how extensive the mold on the surface may have been, or what type of mold was present, makes it almost impossible for us to answer this question with regard to your specific situation. Because we cannot be there, cannot take samples, and do not know exactly what you are dealing with, and we don't know what your personal sensitivities to mold are, it is something you will have to decide. If I were dealing with your same situation, I would give the Thieves Household Cleaner a try. Just realize that you may still have to get rid of those items, and you may damage them using the Thieves Household Cleaner. If these items were covered in mold, I would just get rid of them. If the mold species they were exposed to was Stachybotrys, I would get rid of them. I am highly sensitive to mold, so in my case, if they had a lot of mold on them, I would probably get rid of them. However, we have worked with folks who were able to save these types of items. Because of the detail involved in determining how to proceed and what to do for these types of items, we do recommend that people consider setting up a 1-hour consult if they have these types of details and feel they need additional guidance. The first step in doing that is clicking on our REQUEST HELP page and subscribe to our mailing list. Then you will receive information on the 1 hour Consult. Thank you and very best wishes in addressing your mold situation.

  19. Any idea the effectiveness of thieves oil on Mycotoxin?
    If it works on sheet rock, I was thinking perhaps it might even work on books exposed to spores and dust (but no mold grown) Or even clothing exposed to the dust and spores? maybe a put in plastic box diffused with 72 hours? Would it still be the 3-5 drops of oil to water? What is a good concentration?

  20. We recently moved into a home and have just today realized there is a horrible mold problem. I don't know much about mold at all but when we moved my daughters baby bed the bottom was covered in mold as well as a bag in their bedroom and some things in my closet on the other side of the house so I'm assuming the mold is everywhere. We had our landlord come look at it and they put a seal on the roof and found a leak in the closest of my daughters room but that doesn't explain the mold on the other side of the house. I've cleaned her bed with THC and been diffusing theives all morning but we are just wondering if this can be fixed or if we should move!? Or what would you do?