Saturday, July 7, 2012

My First Post

This blog will include information from Dr. Ed and Jacqui Close about their research into natural mold solutions that prevent and eliminate mold in buildings and are not toxic to the body.

We have pioneered the research into using essential oils for preventing and eliminating mold in buildings using 100% therapeutic grade essential oils that are all natural, 100% organic and pure enough to ingest - take internally. The only oils we recommend are produced by Young Living Essential Oils, the World Leader in Essential Oils, and the only oils in the United States that are safe and pure enough to ingest. All other companies say their oils are not for internal consumption or that they are for Aromatherapy Use Only -- meaning you should not take them orally or ingest them. Young Living oils are generally regarded as safe and FDA approved as Food Supplements meaning they can be taken orally and ingested regularly. That is why we only recommend the use of Young Living Essential Oils.

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